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About Advocate Billing Software™

What is Advocate Billing

The Advocate Billing Software™ program is a program designed by advocates for the unique billing and reporting needs of advocates. It is the culmination of years of combined experience in the best, quickest and most cost-effective manner for advocates to bill attorneys.

Why use Advocate Billing

Managing matters in your practice has never been easier. Just how long does it take you or your secretary to compile an invoice for a client? How about the length of time it takes you to create statements for all outstanding debts at the end of the month? Time is money! Why waste this precious commodity on tasks that are costing you money? By using Advocate Billing Software™ you are guaranteed to spend less time on billing and more time doing the work you prefer.

What does Advocate Billing Software™ offer?

Manage Your Clients

  • Access important information regarding your clients with ease.
  • By opening up a client in the system, you are able to view their entire history of matters with its details.

Manage Your Clients

  • You can create cases for all your clients.
  • Due dates are calculated for you.
  • Add disbursements to the matter.
  • VAT is automatically calculated on all applicable items.

Print Invoices and Statements

At any time you can print an invoice for a matter. You can select the look of the invoice from a list of invoice templates. At the end of the month simply select the option of printing statements for all your clients.

Email Invoices and Statements

You can e-mail invoices, statements and other reports directly to attorneys through Advocate Billing Software™. This will give you better control of monthly billing and will ensure that invoices reach your clients on time.

Manage your practice

Advocate Billing Software™ contains a range of reports that will help you monitor your practice more effectively. This includes printing overdue accounts or lists of transactions between specified periods for specific firms.

Backup and Restore

  • Daily backups are automatically made of your data, but at any stage you can make a backup *
  • Restoring your data is a quick and easy step.

* It is still your responsibility to ensure personal backups are made regularly.

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