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Finally, a simple and effective way to make your life easier! Now you can save time in the process of billing your clients! For advocates, there is no saying more hard-hitting than “Time is money”. Your time is precious and is best spent on your professional services, but what happens when it comes to billing your clients?

Are you currently using precious hours to create invoices and statements? Advocate Billing Software™ will ensure that this will change. Your valuable time will be better spent doing work for clients, rather than creating accounts for them. Advocate Billing Software™ is designed by advocates for the unique billing and reporting needs of advocates. For more information on how Advocate Billing Software™ can assist you with your billing needs, go to the About page.

Web Edition

Web Edition

  • Advocate Billing SoftwareTM Web Edition offers an online solution for you to easily bill your clients.
  • Access the application from any device and from anywhere.
  • The Web edition is protected with an SSL certificate to ensure your data is safe.
  • Backups are done daily, but it is still your responsibility to perform backups.

Desktop Edition

Desktop Edition

  • Advocate Billing SoftwareTM Desktop Edition offers an offline experience for those who prefer working on one computer.
  • The desktop edition has all the features of the web edition, except that you can only access it from one computer.

Features Offered by the Web Edition

Advocate Billing SoftwareTM is your COMPLETE billing solution, providing you with freedom and flexibility.

  • Create professionally structured invoices, statements and reports
  • Bill your attorneys from anywhere anytime
  • E-mail invoices, statements and reports directly from the application
  • Create multiple users for your account
  • Protected by the latest SSL technology ensuring the security of your information
  • Created with the needs of advocates in mind

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Web Edition on Multiple Devices

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